Michelle McDonald

Research Technician

Michelle McDonald is a Research Technician for Select Botanicals Group, LLC. In the summer of 2014, she toured a startup hop yard in the heart of Minnesota, and since then hops have held a special place in her heart. The next summer she interned at Mighty Axe Hops in Ham Lake, MN. While there, her growing love for beer and hops solidified her dream of making a career in the industry someday. The following winter she worked in a plant pathology lab at the University of Minnesota, working with hop downy mildew. After graduating in spring 2016 from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities with a Bachelor of Science in Plant Science, she moved to Yakima, WA, taking an internship with Select Botanicals Group. Following her internship, she was hired full-time in her current capacity. She intends to attend graduate school in the future, and is happy to have found a place where she loves what she does.