Certified Select

What is Certified Select™?

Certified Select™ focuses on several areas:

Quality Management

Our Certified Select™ program is committed to ongoing process and quality management improvement. We focus on several areas of quality management, including:

  • Comprehensive crop monitoring with grower support-We have a team of individuals fully committed to the integrated management of our varieties, working with growers to ensure crops are grown to the highest quality.
  • Food Safety standard-Our Certified Select™ brand management endorses the GreenChief® food safety program, which is specifically designed for safe, quality hop production.
  • Consistent harvest windows and kilning practices-Our Growers are required to pick hops at the peak freshness. We use a combination of ideal oil profiles, brewer feedback, and dry matter analysis to determine this optimum window. From there, our growers kiln at low temperature to ensure the preservation of oils.


Brewers require the highest quality, and they should be able to see how their raw ingredients are being grown and handled. That's why we exclusively use grower owned handlers to sell our hops. These handlers link the grower to brewer. We want brewers to know they are welcome to come visit us any time! We are proud of the work our growers and field staff do, and we love to share it.


Certain hops such as Simcoe®, Citra®, and Ahtanum™ have been found in the marketplace to be extremely useful and very popular among home brewers and commercial brewers alike. Because of this, Select Botanicals Group has taken an aggressive stance on acreage expansion while maintaining the quality and consistency brewers have come to expect. 

Planning for acreage expansion for the following year starts immediately after harvest ends. Propagation must be completed by the following spring so it is very important that we get started planning right away!

Our program started in 2011 with 648 acres. In 2014 we had 3,679 acres, and by 2015 we will have over 5,000 in production.